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Frequently Asked Questions

These Frequently Asked Questions are designed to help to provide a better understanding of our services, and answer many of the basic questions which you may have. If you have any questions which are not answered here please call our office or send us a message from our Contact page. This page may be updated over time.

FAQ Notes

Blue Spring Broadband may recommend certain products and services in an attempt to help to protect our customers. We cannot be held liable in any way from viruses or malware which customers receive on their devices when using these recommendations. Unfortunately, there is no such thing as ‘perfect’ protection. It is the sole responsibility of the customer to follow best practices to protect themselves while using our service.

Internet FAQ

Our service is considered ‘fixed wireless’. This means that we install an antenna on the roof which transmits and receives a wireless signal to a local communications tower. That tower also communicates using wireless signals back to our fiber optic backbone at our Network Operations Center in Providence. From the antenna on your roof we run Cat-5E wire into the home to one location which can connect into a single computer or a router. To utilize multiple devices inside your home you will need a router. If you want to use wireless devices such as a laptop, smartphone, or tablet on our service throughout your home you will need a wireless router. These can be purchased at most stores throughout the valley, or we can sell you one at the time of the installation. DSL and Cable routers are not compatible with our system. Our standard installation includes one of our qualified technicians mounting an antenna on your roof, and running a wire to one location within 200 ft. of the antenna on an exterior wall (above the foundation). We are happy to provide additional services such as custom wiring, wall fishing, or wiring of more than one location at our standard service rate, when possible.

Our service is not affected by weather. Although we sometimes use a reflector (dish) to aim our signal at our towers we are generally not affected by rain fade or other weather the way that Satellite television is. Rain fade is caused by the dish trying to transmit through the clouds and atmosphere to space during heavy rain. Due to the angle of our dish, and the short distance to our towers, our dishes do not collect snow the way that dishes pointed to space do, and they are not susceptible to rain fade.

No, there are no added monthly equipment charges. Blue Spring Broadband retains ownership of all equipment installed at the customer’s premise. We do not add any additional fees for the rental or lease of this equipment. Upon cancellation of services all equipment must be returned in working order or the customer will be responsible for all equipment replacement charges.

We guarantee our installation and will warranty the installation and our equipment for life. We will come out and replace any defective equipment at no charge to the customer. In the event that you would like assistance with issues which are not related to our equipment, or would like the equipment moved to a different location in the home, a service charge will be required. We are also happy to assist our customers with the support of their local network, hardware installation, and computer issues whenever possible at the following rates; Service calls are $44.95. This includes the trip to your home or business and up to one hour of service. Additional labor beyond the first hour will be billed at a rate of $39.95 per hour.

Virus and Malware protection is the responsibility of the customer. We recommend that all computers be protected with a firewall, malware protection, and virus protection. We recommend Avast Free Anti-Virus and MBAM Anti-Malware for basic protection. For parental filtering Qustodio is recommended by many of the parents that we have spoken to. These programs can be downloaded free of charge from their respective websites.  To comply with Utah State law (SB0134), we have posted additional recommendations for filtering content that is deemed inappropriate for minors on our legal page, HERE.

VoIP Telephone FAQ

Yes, there is a one-time fee of $20 to setup your phone number.  You will need to keep your existing service active until the porting process is complete. Once you cancel your service you lose your phone number so it is important that you wait for the porting to complete before cancelling service. The same rule applies if porting away from our service. The porting process can take up to two weeks but is usually completed within a week. Frontier’s numbers cannot be ported.  They have a special exception from the P.S.C.  If you would like additional details about the porting process, or if would like to sign up for service and port your number please email sales@bluespring.me or call our office.
Yes, both 911 and reverse 911 still work. It is important that we have your correct physical address on file for emergency dispatch to know your location when dialing 911. If you would like to sign up for reverse 911 then you need to register. To register your contact information with CodeRED, visit 911.loganutah.org and click on the CodeRED link. You may also contact Logan dispatch at 435-716-9424. It is important that VoIP service only be used at the physical location that you have registered as your physical address with the e911 system. Incorrect information could lead emergency responders to the wrong location, so be sure to verify this information. More details about how VoIP works with the 911 system can be found at the FCC’s website, here.

Because the VOIP system uses your home’s AC power to operate the telephone adapter and the rooftop antenna, VOIP service will not work during a power outage at your home without a power backup solution. Blue Spring recommends that you always keep a charged mobile telephone available for 911 calls in the event of an outage. However, we do also offer both 8-hour and 24-hour power backup solutions for our VoIP customers. Please contact us for more information about power backup solutions. Our VoIP service also includes the option to input a failover number in the event of an outage. The failover option will forward all incoming calls to the number that you have entered as a failover automatically. Once service is restored the number will automatically route back to your home. All of our tower sites have battery backup so they will continue operating during a power outage.

All telephone and VoIP providers are obligated to collect taxes and fees per state and federal regulations. These taxes and fees for regulatory, compliance, USF, and e911 services are added to your monthly bill. The fees vary for each municipality, and change quarterly. For more information on the exact charges please call our office.

Most extra services that the phone company charges for are included with Blue Spring Broadband’s phone service at no additional charge. A full list of our VoIP features can be found HERE. The following is an example of the options which are included with your Blue Spring VOIP service: – Caller ID – Call Waiting – 3-Way Calling – Voice Mail – Voice Mail to Email – Call Forwarding – Do Not Disturb – Detailed Call Logs – International Calling (extra charges apply) – Customer Portal