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Residential Pricing

10Mbps Download
25Mbps Download
50Mbps Download
2Mbps Upload
5Mbps Upload
10Mbps Upload
No data cap
No data cap
No data cap
Sign Up!,http://www.bluespring.me/contact
Sign Up!,http://www.bluespring.me/contact
Sign Up!,http://www.bluespring.me/contact

Installation FAQ:

Residential installation is $99.95. Payment due at the time of install will include the installation fee and a pro-rated first month. We can also split this into equal payments over three months.

None of our service plans require a contract!  We do have legal agreements that require a signature.  You may view the required Internet Service Agreement and Acceptable Use Policy HERE.

No, the cost of leasing the rooftop equipment is included in the above listed prices. There are no added equipment rental charges. There is a $2.00 per month administrative fee added for customers who opt-in to paper billing.  These Internet prices are the actual billed amount.  There are currently no taxes on straight broadband service.  However, there are taxes and fees associated with VoIP telephone service (which change quarterly and vary by municipality).

We provide a site survey free of charge. Our technician will test signal strength to ensure quality service at the time of the installation. If we cannot provide reliable service at your location then there will be no charge for the site survey. We are continually expanding and will contact you as soon as service is available in your area. You may check our current coverage map to see if you are within our service area.

Speeds may vary and are not guaranteed. Service plans may be structured on a burst rate up to a maximum of the listed speed. Many factors can affect connection speed. We strive to maintain your connection at the speeds that are listed, and will do our best to ensure that your speeds are at or near the speed listed for your plan. Speeds shown are not available in all areas. Call for availability.

VOIP telephone service can be bundled with any of our packages. Our fully-featured one line residential VOIP service is $21.95 plus applicable taxes and fees. You may add additional lines for just $15.00 each per month. Unlimited nationwide calling is included. Simultaneous ring, International calling, and other options are also available for an additional charge. Please see our VOIP page and FAQ or call for more details.

No, Blue Spring Broadband does not have any data caps or overage fees!